K9 Program

The Ludington Police Department has been working towards the addition of a K9 unit for the department. With the approval of the City’s Public Safety and Utilities Committee, we are moving forward with the fundraising portion of this endeavor, and that is where you come in. 


Because the police department doesn’t currently have a K9 unit, a large sum of money needs to be raised to cover the start-up costs. The initial amount to get the program up and running is projected to be approximately $80,000. Some of the items to be purchased include the canine, a new squad car outfitted with an internal canine transport kennel, and training aids. Other things included in the initial costs are veterinary care, food, an outdoor kennel, as well as the initial training course for the canine and handler. Continuation of funding for the program will be covered by annual fundraisers and donations. 


The addition of a K9 unit would produce many opportunities to help the community. It would be a dual-purpose canine which not only focuses on drug detection and patrol work but will also be an excellent tool to continue to help build positive police-community relations.


A Ludington Police Department K9 unit would enhance our ability to continue to deter and fight the influx of illegal substances in Ludington. The patrol focus of the K9 would help with many things from suspect apprehension, building searches, locating missing persons and evidence, and enhancing officer safety. 


Outside of working in the City of Ludington a K9 unit would also open mutual aid opportunities within Mason County and surrounding counties. The Mason County Sheriff's Office has a K9 unit, but it isn’t always available when the need arises, so an additional K9 unit would improve the odds of being able to pull more drugs off the streets, or quickly locate a missing person. 


On behalf of Chief Chris Jones, I am asking you to consider partnering with the Ludington Police Department, by making a monetary donation with the goal of making the Ludington Police Department K9 Unit a reality and further advance our capabilities to serve the citizens of Ludington and Mason County.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to myself, Sanders221@ci.ludington.mi.us, or Sgt Haveman, Haveman211@ci.ludington.mi.us and we will be in touch.




Officer Bryan Sanders