As the Ludington Police Department was not established until 1916, City Marshals were appointed prior to that date. Prior to 1916, a force of Deputy Marshals was maintained much the same as the Sheriff's Office today. After 1916 the force was given a definite organization. It was one of the first to use motor vehicles and, in 1935, one of the first to use radios.

City Marshals

City Marshal
Time of Service
John Davidson
Served in 1873
Captain George Weimer
Served 1880 to 1883
William Kennedy
Served 1887
J.H. Young
Served 1899
Ole Anderson
Served 1900 to 1909
William McGuire
Served 1909 to 1916

Chiefs of Police

Ludington Police Department formed May 15, 1916
Police Chief
Time of Service
William McGuire            
Served 1916 to 1919
Timothy J. Barber
Served 1919 to 1950
Fred Nankee
Served 1950 to 1962
Harold V. Mehl
Served 1962 to 1973
William Hartley
Served 1973 to 1979
Jack Harper
Served 1979 to 1989
Walter Taranko
Served 1989 to 2000
Mark A. Barnett
Served 2001 to 2020
Tim Kozal Served 2020 to 2022
Christopher Jones Serving since 2023
Besides being City Marshal and Chief of Police, Mr. William McGuire was mayor of Ludington from 1932 until his death in 1934.

The lack of information regarding City Marshals is unfortunate. Records are scantly; for example, William Kennedy's name comes from the list of city officers for 1887 that was printed on the 1888 city map.

Source: James Cabot