Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a way for you and your neighbors to play a key role in reducing crime in your neighborhood by watching out for one another. This is done by becoming familiar with each other and reporting suspicious activity.

Neighborhood Watch Motto: "We Look Out For Each Other!"

The Ludington Police Department, working through the Block Captains in each neighborhood, agrees to partner with City residents to reduce crime in Ludington through communication, training, response and enforcement.

Neighborhood e-Watch

Neighborhood e-Watch is designed to automatically alert you via email of recent crime activity in the City of Ludington. If you are interested in subscribing to this service, please fill in the online form.


Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Sergeant Michael Haveman works with officers assigned to the 6 Council Wards in Ludington to facilitate this partnership. He is available to provide crime information history, as well as response to ongoing problems within your neighborhood.


To relay information to your Ward Officer regarding an ongoing criminal issue, access the Neighborhood Watch/Community Policing Map page and then select your ward to find out who your Ward Officers are. You can use this method to communicate directly with your Ward Officer.

Important Note

As always, incidents requiring an emergency response should be directed to Mason-Oceana 911 by dialing 911. Incidents requiring an immediate, non-emergency response should be directed to Mason-Oceana 911 by dialing 231-869-5858.