Fines & Fees

Parking Fines

Fine Type
Fine Amount / Action
Parking Citation Fine
$30 (If paid on time)
$40 (If paid after late notice)
Civil Infraction Parking Fine
Contact the Court at 231-843-9717
Boat Launch Parking Fees
  • The Loomis Street Boat Launch is at the west end of Loomis Street
  • The Copeyon Park Boat Launch is on South Washington Avenue
Type Resident Non-Resident
Daily $10 $10
Seasonal $30 $60
Boat Parking
Where can you park a boat trailer if you are leaving for a few days? (No overnight parking is allowed in any City parking lots.)

You can park in the free, park at your own risk boat trailer parking located on the northeast corner of Madison and 1st Street. You may call the private storage facility of your choice to make arrangements.

Report & Request Fees
  • Traffic Crash Report (UD-10) - $5 or 5 cents a page (if over 20 pages).
The following information is available under the Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.), and must be requested in writing, with the requestor's signature attached. Requests under F.O.I.A. are subject to preparation charges.
  • Crime Report  $0.50 / page
  • Photographs - Digital $2 per sheet
  • Postage (If mailed) - Actual Cost
  • Videos - $25
Fees must be paid in full prior to the actual delivery of the requested information.