Downtown Parking
In an effort make the most efficient use of available downtown parking space, a committee of local business owners conducted a survey of local businesses. The feedback was used to determine proper time limits for downtown parking. Considerations for this plan were to allow short-term customers to utilize parking spaces closest to the various businesses for 2-hour parking. For customers wishing to do business for a longer period of time there were lots timed for 3-hour parking. And finally for people needing longer-term parking, 8-hour lots were provided.

For questions regarding specific downtown timed-parking locations, please refer to the Downtown Parking Map (PDF). No overnight parking is permitted in City parking lots.

Boat Ramp Parking
Parking of vehicle/boat trailer combinations can be done at both the Loomis and Copeyon Boat Ramp parking lots for a fee. Each location is equipped with forms, envelopes and a deposit box where patrons are to deposit their parking fees prior to parking. Each vehicle is required to display a parking receipt in the driver's side of the windshield.

Parking fees can be accessed by accessing the fees resource. No overnight parking is permitted.

Parking in Parks
Visitor parking is available in or around each City of Ludington park. Pull in diagonal parking is allowed in Stearns Park/Beach. As this parking is on a 1-way street (Stearns Outer Drive), front-end in-first parking is required. Parking backed in is prohibited as this requires the vehicle to improperly face oncoming 1-way traffic.

Snow Removal
There is no on-street parking allowed in the City of Ludington from between the hours of 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. November through April to allow for snow removal. (See city ordinance chapter 58, article 5, section 58-171.)