Permit Applications

The City of Ludington requires building permits for any type of construction within the City Limits. The City does not issue electrical, mechanical or plumbing, heating and cooling permits. These permits may be obtained from:

Mason County Building/Zoning Department

102 E 5th Street

Scottville, MI 49451

Permits can also be obtained by contacting the County Building/Zoning Administrator at 231-757-9345.

Building Permit Application & Resources

Curb-Cut Application

The City does not require building permits for driveways (flat work), painting (exterior or interior), roof shingles or siding. Driveways may require a Curb Cut Permit.

Temporary Permit


The temporary use of a building or premises in any district for purposes that do not conform to the regulations prescribed by Ordinance for the district may be eligible for a Temporary-Use Permit (PDF).

Verify a License

In order to secure a building permit, you must be the home owner or a licensed building contractor with the State of Michigan.

Water / Sewer Connection Application


Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects must submit a plan of their project showing all water, sanitary and/or storm sewers and drains. For more information, please contact 231-845-6237.

Zoning Compliance Permits


Zoning Compliance Permits are required for any accessory building less than 200 square feet, fences and any use change for a property. Contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 231-843-2956 or by emailing for more information.