Open Burning

Open burning shall be allowed without prior notification to the code official for recreational fires, highway safety flares, smudge pots and similar occupational needs. In the event that any recreational fire shall become a nuisance by reason of smoke or flying embers, or if it shall pose any danger to persons or property, the fire chief or his designee or any police officer of the City of Ludington, may order such fire extinguished, and in the event that the owner, occupant or person responsible for such fire shall fail to extinguish such fire, such failure shall constitute a municipal civil infraction.

Notice that a fire is a nuisance or poses a danger may be verbal and need not be in writing, nor shall other notice requirements provided in the fire prevention code be applicable to such circumstance. The Fire Chief or his designee or any Police Officer of the City is further authorized to extinguish any recreational fire that is a nuisance.