Construction & Property Maintenance Code Appeal

The Construction & Property Maintenance Code of Appeals consists of no less than three or no more than 7 members appointed by the mayor that have experience and training in building construction and property maintenance. Members shall be appointed to 2-year terms by the chief executive officer of the city.


  • The Construction & Property Maintenance Code of Appeals hears and decides matters relating to the City's application of the Michigan Building Code, Michigan Residential Code and International Property Maintenance.
  • It decides matters related to variances from the requirements of the codes.
  • The board hears appeals of a decision or determination made by the City's Chief Building Inspector or the Director of Community Development.
  • It also supplies interpretations of the provisions of the codes.
  • The Board meets as necessary as inquiries are made. 


  • Caleb Visscher
    Term expires: 2025
  • Doug Holmes
    Term expires: 2025
  • Jim Nordlund Sr.
    Term expires: 2024

  • Josh Wickham
     Term expires: 2024
  • Christian Vogel
     Term expires: 2025