Leaf Pickup, Yard Waste, and Brush

The City of Ludington provides curbside pickup of leaves each Fall only

Curbside leaf pickup is ONLY in the Fall, NOT in the Spring - please do not place leaves in the street in the Spring!

City of Ludington Fall Leaf Pickup Guidelines: 

Curbside leaves will be picked up starting mid-October (if leave fall is significant enough to warrant sending crews out) and will continue through first heavy snowfall (actual end dates are weather dependent and based on amount/duration of leaf fall and the amount/duration of snowfall), Leaves are picked up in the street in the Fall only - there is No Spring curbside leaf pickup. Placing leaves in the street in the Spring, or in alleys at any time of year, will result in code enforcement fines. During peak leaf fall (in the Autumn months only) the Department of Public Works will have several crews out all-day/every-day, however inclement weather and excessive leaf fall, may cause delays. There will not be a set schedule for the curbside pick up routes - crews continuously make their way through the city streets and will continue until all leaves are collected or until the first significant snow fall that requires crews to switch over to plowing. It is not necessary to call the Department of Public Works to schedule leaf pick-up, as crews will continuously, and systematically provide this service city-wide. Please do not call City Hall to report leaves ready for pick-up. DPW crews will be on their way! 

City residents are asked to do the following to allow the City of Ludington to provide efficient service:

Fall Only 

Leaf Pick-up:

  • Leaves may only be raked to the gutter for collection in the Fall. Leaves are NOT collected street side in the Spring.
  • Rake leaves into the gutter if your residence is on a curbed street (all other streets, rake leaves to the edge of street).
  • Please do not place leaves out into the roadway where they will impede traffic. 
  • Leaves may not be piled in alleys at any time of year and will result in a code enforcement fine.
  • Keep leaves in visible piles, do not spread out or place behind mailboxes or trees, (equipment cannot reach these areas).
  • Brush and limbs should not be placed on leaf piles. See more brush info below. Please separate brush into a separate pile and call DPW 231-843-2873 (not City Hall) to request free curbside brush pickup year-round.
  • Please park cars off the street when leaf piles are in the area. Cars parked in the road will impede and delay leaf pick-up.

The Leaf Corral and Yard Waste Program:

  • The Leaf Corral is located on Bryant Road, off of Beechwood, The Leaf Corral is NOT accessible to the public year round and is only open to the public for a limited number of days in the Spring and Fall. 
  • The Leaf Corral open dates and times are T.B.D., typically in April and November, based on weather conditions, timing of other crew member duties, and significant amount of leaf fall. Specific open dates and times will be posted at the Leaf Corral gate closer to Fall and Spring seasonal access. Please contact the DPW for more information: 231-843-2873
  • Be prepared to prove city residency or property ownership when visiting the Leaf Corral.
  • Yard Waste pick-up services are provided weekly (beginning of April through the end of November), with either special city bags or seasonal yard cart (purchase at City Hall - please call for more fee info: 231-845-6237). 
  • Yard Waste will be picked up on Mondays at residences located North of Ludington Ave. and on Tuesdays for residences located South of Ludington Ave. Please be sure to have your yard waste containers/bags to the curb before 7am on your pick-up day or after 5pm the night before.
  • To set up weekly yard waste pick-up residents will need to purchase special, biodegradable yard waste bags ($2.00 per bag) or rent a seasonal yard waste cart ($67 for the 2023 season). Leaf carts and bags can be purchased at City Hall, 400 S. Harrison - 231-845-6237. Please note that there is an additional 3% fee for debit or credit card purchases.
  • Yard waste will not be picked up in loose piles, in cans, paper bags from the hardware store, or plastic garbage bags. 
  • Yard cart rental must be renewed each season by purchasing a new yard service sticker at City Hall. Yard carts without valid annual stickers will not be serviced. 
  • Overweight yard carts cannot be emptied - please do not overload your cart. Do not place rocks, soil, cement. or pet waste in your cart or yard waste bags. These items will not be picked up.
  • Yard Waste pick-up services begin April 1 and continue through the end of November (weather permitting). 

Brush Pickup

The City will pick branches up in 10-foot lengths or less at no extra cost to residents. We ask that you stack the brush in the right of way off the street or alley at your property edge (between curb and sidewalk, or just off the roadside on grass) and call the Department of Public Works at 231-843-2873 to submit a pick-up order, (please do not call City Hall for brush pick up requests). Brush will be picked up within 10 working days, (weather permitting). Please do not block roadways or impede traffic with your brush placement. Please do not mix brush and loose material, such as leaves or grass clippings. Loose yard waste material must be separated for yard waste pick up. This service is intended to assist residents with regular yard cleanup and is not intended to clean up after commercial tree removals, contractors must make plans for their own clean up after tree removal.

Please call the Department of Public Works for more information or questions at 231-843-2873
Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.