City Calendar


In 2015, residents of the City of Ludington received a new City Calendar with committee dates and times and helpful citizen information.  This calendar was an initiative of the City Council to better serve our residents by providing upfront answers to commonly asked questions and services.   

 Information included in the calendar will include dates and times for City Council meetings and major City Committees meetings, upcoming events and activities, tax and utility billing and much more.  It is still the Ludington City Council’s goal that this calendar and information guide provide citizens with quick and easy answers to questions or where to go if they need additional information about city services.

 In addition to the valuable information that the calendar will provide, there will once again be room to showcase the beauty of the City through strategically placed photos.  In order to find the best photo representations of our beautiful area, the City of Ludington is happy to announce a photo contest.  Photos selected will be featured throughout the City Calendar.  To submit photos or events, please email Heather at  All photo submissions require a photo release form. Fillable Forms can be found on this page.