Cultural Economic Development

Access the Cultural Economic Plan for Mason County
The Ludington/Mason County Cultural Economic Development Plan was completed in October 2011. “To articulate the importance of cultural assets to Ludington and Mason County, the Task Force created a new vision and principles to guide the cultural economic development:

Positively recognized as a cultural haven and distinctive destination, the Ludington and Mason County area preserves and promotes its cultural and natural assets through innovative education and economic development strategies. Due to strong leadership, vibrant cultural and successful business communities, this Michigan destination attracts visitors year around and enjoys a positive recognition for its strong arts, agricultural, maritime and lumber heritage.

Guiding Principles
  • All voices are valued, all work is inclusive; all communication is transparent
  • Focus on authentic, locally-based solutions fostered by collaborations and partnerships
  • Infuse culture in all endeavors; retain cultural integrity for sustainability
  • Provide high quality, authentic experiences to all customers
  • Although attracting more visitors is desired, the primary beneficiaries of the cultural economy are local residents
Building Off Strengths
Among a breath of ambitious goals aimed at invigorating our creative economy and enriching our quality of life and spurring economic growth, we intend to build off our strengths by creating a sculpture trail throughout the county. Our proposed trail will tell the story of our common heritage that not only launched economic growth through lumbering, maritime and agricultural enterprise but the latter 2 dimensions remain important economic drivers today and will be in our future. Our sculptures will be themed based to correspond with the foundation of our heritage, culturally meld our county community together, provide common visibility and attraction, showcase the work of artists from our area and beyond and, serve as major wayfinding sign posts heralding who we are.

Sculpture Sponsors
Although our cultural economic development plan was unveiled a short time ago, 2 organizations have already shared their intent to sponsor sculptures. The primary donor for whom the children’s wing of the Mason County District’s Library in Ludington will be named stated their additional gift of a sculpture was inspired by the public art at the Marina Park. This sculpture will be installed at the front of the library on Ludington Avenue, the main traffic artery leading into the downtown and to the waterfront. Ludington Avenue is also US 10 and extends east through the county forming a corridor connecting the City of Scottville and the Village of Custer. As one exits the city this route takes you by the West Michigan Fairgrounds. Founded in 1945, the Mason County Saddle Club has commissioned a local artist to create a memory pole, a wooden sculpture which will be sited in the equestrian facilities.