I have large items to dispose of, where can I take them?

You have 2 choices to dispose of your Bulk Items:

1. You can purchase the appropriate sticker at City Hall and place it on the item(s), and Republic Services will pick the item up at curbside on your normal refuse pick up day. Bulk Item stickers are $5.00, Extra Trash Stickers are $2.00, NON-Freon Appliance Stickers are $20.00, and Freon Appliance Stickers are $40.00

2. The Bulk Item program allows you the opportunity to dispose of up to two Bulk Items (or six bags of extra trash) at no extra cost to you on your first refuse pick up day of each month. Some restrictions apply for apartments, Condos, and Commercial properties - please check the Department of Public Works web page for more info or call 231-843-2873.

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