City Clerk

  • The City Clerk attends all meetings of the Ludington City Council and keeps a permanent record of all proceedings and actions.
  • The Clerk is the custodian of all documents and records pertaining to the City of Ludington including City Council minutes, ordinances, traffic control orders, deeds, contracts, and agreements.
  • The Clerk is the custodian of the City seal, and shall affix it to all documents requiring the seal and shall attest the same.
  • The Clerk is the general accountant of the City with responsibility for all financial records. Such records shall be accounted for in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and Uniform Chart of Accounts as required by State Law.
  • The Clerk is responsible for all disbursements and accounts payable.
  • The Clerk maintains and balances all financial records-financial reports, prepares budgets, and prepares for the financial audit.
  • The Clerk conducts Elections and maintains voter registration records for all City residents.
  • The Clerk is responsible for weekly payroll, Federal and State Payroll reporting, personnel records, sick and vacation records, insurances, retirement, Act 51 Reporting, MDOT Employee Benefits Costs Report, Qualifying Statements, F-65 Fiscal Report, and the City's annual audit.
  • The Clerk is a Notary Public and notarizes papers for the City and the Public.