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The City of Ludington Municipal Office is located at:        400 S Harrison Street
                                                                                                 Ludington, MI 49431

You can contact us via telephone at:                           231-845-6237

You can contact us via Fax at:                                     231-845-1146

Our hours of operation are :                                        Monday-Friday  8am-5pm

What are the phone numbers for the Offices of Mason County?

            County Clerk                  843-8202
            County Treasurer           843-8411

Prosecutor                      845-7377
Friend of the Court         843-4791
Magistrate                      843-9717
Register of Deeds         843-4466
Animal Control               843-8644
Library                            843-8465
Building Dept.                757-9345                                                   


 What is the phone number for the Secretary of State? 

  •   843-4353

 What are the phone numbers for the local parks?

  • Ludington State Park         843-8671
  • Cartier Park                        845-1522
  • Memorial Tree Park           843-9361

What is the phone number for the Post Office?  

  •  843-8646

What is the phone number for the Social Security Office?

  • 843-3377

  Where do I obtain a burning permit?

  • Call 231-745-3111, and follow the pre-recorded instructions. 

Where do I obtain information about voting?

Who is my City Council Person?

  •     1st Ward                  Dick Rathsack
  •      2nd Ward                Wally Taranko
  •      3rd Ward                 Les Johnson
  •      4th Ward                 Wanda Marrison
  •      5th Ward                 Nick Tykoski
  •      6th Ward                 Gary Castonia
  •      Councilor-at-large   Kaye Ferguson-Holman

  Where do I vote?

  •      1st Ward            Lakeview School
  •      2nd Ward            Ludington High School- Peterson Auditorium
  •      3rd Ward            Ludington City Hall
  •      4th Ward            Pere Marquette School
  •      5th Ward            Lakeside Church
  •      6th Ward            Emanuel Lutheran Church



Where are boat launch facilities located?

  • The Loomis Street Boat Launch is at the west end of Loomis St.
  • The Copeyon Park Boat Launch is on South Washington Ave.

            (fish cleaning and restroom facilities available at each location)

What are the launch parking fees?
        Launch Parking Fees            RESIDENT     NON-RESIDENT

  • Daily                        $  10.00             $ 10.00
  • Seasonal                  $ 30.00              $ 60.00

Where can I park a boat trailer if I am leaving for a few days?  (No overnight
     parking allowed in any City parking lots)

  •  You may call the private storage facility of your choice to make arrangements.