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400 South Harrison Street
Ludington MI, 49431
(231) 845-6237 

The duties that this Department are responsible for include:
Reading water meters
Change stopped meters
Repair and test meters
Respond to customer complaints, check for leaks, install and turn on meters
Disconnect and remove meters
Make turn offs at curb stops for inside repair and delinquent bills
Repair leaks in water/sewer meters and mains
Repair leaks in  fire hydrants, & valves
Change out water meters and hydrants
Make water/sewer and storm sewer taps
Flush water systems
Stake water and sewer lines for Miss Dig
Perform maintenance and repairs on valve boxes, curb stops, meter pits, manholes, catch basins
Respond to plugged sewer complaints and check City sewer mains
Clean sewer lines with the vactor machine when necessary
Flush dead-end sewers and problem sewers
Open plugged catch basins for storm water
Dig and repair sewer cave-ins
Responsible for all cross connection inspections