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1.) WATERFRONT PARK: Near our Municipal Marina you will find a wonderful park situated on Ludington's waterfront port area. This park boasts the Ludington Sculpture park as well as a playground and bandshell area where you will find summer concerts.

2.) STEARNS BEACH: Traveling west through the City of Ludington, you will see a large expanse of sand on the Western Shore. This is the Stearns Park Beach area. With its wonderfully maintained white sandy beaches, playgrounds, shuffle board, mini-golf, and new skate park, this is the place to go for summer fun in Ludington.

3.) CARTIER PARK: Also along the M-116 corridor to the North of Stearns Park Beach area is Cartier Park. Cartier Park Natural area and camping facility is situated on the Lincoln River. This 68 acre natural area is home to a one mile walking loop, the Cartier Park campground, Lincoln River access site and many acres of untouched natural forest area. If you are looking for a place to enjoy nature  visit Cartier Park.

4.) COPEYON PARK: Another of Ludington's Park areas can be found just over the Washington Avenue Bridge. Copeyon Park boasts a busy launching site, playground and great views of the Port of Ludington.

5.) LOOMIS STREET BOAT LAUNCH: Finding a place to launch your vessel into Lake Michigan is not hard in Ludington. The Loomis Street Boat launch can accommodate various sizes of boats, and with an extensive parking area, it is a great place to lauch your Lake Michigan Adventure.