Building Department

The Building Department provides plan review, permit issuance and inspections on all construction and site work within the city limits.  It enforces building and construction codes and enforces the City property maintenance code and handles complaints regarding the code.
  1. 2015 Year-End Report (PDF)

    View the 2014 Year-End Report for the Building Department.

  2. City Code

    View the online database for Ludington's City Codes.

  3. Code Enforcement

    Review code enforcement details for a variety of categories such as grass/weeds, smoke detectors, garage sales and more.

  4. Construction Requirements

    See specifications and requirements for topics/subjects such as decks, fences, demolition, etc.

  5. Permit Applications

    The City of Ludington requires building permits for any type of construction within the city limits.

  6. Zoning Ordinance (PDF)

    Read through the Zoning Ordinance document for zoning details.

  7. Rental Inspection Department