Apply For

  1. Building Permits

    The City of Ludington requires building permits for any type of construction within the city limits.

  2. Employment Opportunities

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  3. File a Freedom of Information Act Request

  4. Municipal Marina Wait List (PDF)

    Please complete the following information and return it with the application fee of $100 in order to be placed on the waiting list at the Ludington Municipal Marina.

  5. Public Hearing Date

    Access the public hearing application that you need.

  6. Reserve a Park or Facility

    Online forms are available for you to inquire about reserving a park or facility for a community event. The Waterfront Park Gazebo and Marina Grand Patio areas available for reservations for wedding ceremonies.

  7. Zoning Appeal

    Application with all required information and applicable fees must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator's Office before deadline date before action will be taken.

  8. Welcome Sign Message